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Friday, April 18, 2008

Boston Bound

3219 Swanson, Darin R. 37 M Tigard OR USA CAN

Trisha and I are on the early morning flight tomorrow (6am...youch!!) heading to Boston for the marathon. We lucked out on our trip going east with first class seats to Atlanta and then on to Boston. Should be fun...8+ hours of pampering.

I have done my mini-taper, though I really have not been training hard and am looking forward to a nice hard run on Monday.
The weather is looking the best of any of the times I have done Boston. 2004 and 2005 were both hot! Cool and cloudy works for me.
So does anytime that qualifies me for Boston: 3:14:59 and lower.

We will hit the marathon expo, watch the Women's Olympic trials and spend time eating and relaxing...and then the run :-)

My bib number is #3219 and you can follow the results at the Boston website.

For TV coverage of the 2008 Boston marathon check out Versus.

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