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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Diva Premeire: King Arthur's Quest

Yesterday was Leah's premiere in the world of theatre in a presentation of King Arthur's Quest at Mary Woodward elementary school.

The play was well produced with cool costumes and it was amazing how well prepared the kids were with only a week of practice. Hosted by the Missoula Children's Theatre, a traveling non-profit that has a mission: The development of life skills in children through participation in the performing arts.

Leah was one of the Camelotians (a citizen of Camelot), specifically a hard working baker. She particularily liked the boogie dragon music production. Ask her about it!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

3 5ks: Run Like Hell, Pumpkin Regatta and EA Sports

To kick start me getting back into shorter speedier runs and to celebrate my 39th birthday (ouch) I signed up for 5ks in 3 weeks.

Back on October 25th, I ran the Run Like Hell 5k in Portland. Last year I ran this race pacing James to a 5k PR so I knew it was a fast, fun course. I also had won an entry from the Run Oregon blog so a free race made it all the sweeter. I had a good day placing 3rd in my age group, 23rd out of 750 with a time of 19:13. James did another great run and shaved another 4 seconds off his PR...wahoo!

On October 31st, I ran the Tualatin Fit City Pumpkin Regatta 5k. Part of this course was on the courses we used for the Reason To Run Spring Burst and Catalyst Challenge so I was quite familiar with the layout. This was a low key race and I was a little disappointed with no race results or mile markers but otherwise was polished for a first year event. In the picture, to my right you can see the two Bowerman Athletic Club woman athletes who smoked me. I was first male and third overall in 19:14. (picture courtesy of Danial Payne Photography). I even got interviewed by someone with a TV camera..famous for 5 mins :-)

Today was the EA Sports Active 5k Challenge From what I understand, EA Sports, video game maker, was sponsoring these events nationwide to promote fitness. The Portland EA Sports 5k was free and anything that promotes fitness is cool in my books! Alan Rasmussen, founder of the upcoming NW Running League, stepped up to organize the Portland run. Have you signed up for the NW Running League? should! This course was more cross country and also had a nasty half mile stretch into the wind. How come the tailwinds never quite make up for the headwinds? I had hoped to get under 20 minutes once I saw the course but with bad math out on the run I ended with 20:14. Live and learn...all part of racing. Some good strong runners reminded me of the strength and speed word I have ahead...I was lucky if I was in the top ten.

Next weekend: Malibu marathon pacing Trisha to a PR and watching Jon and Lynsey complete their first one!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Another Halloween is on the books.
Leah dressed as a vampire this year and became quite proficient at a great evil laugh.

Cole, well he came up with a costume all on his own: a protester. His protest sign reads: "No More Long Boring Speeches that Explain Nothing". Directed at parents, or teachers or politicians?? He is smartly sticking to "No comment".

Lots of candy, good time with friends and many, many laughs.