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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

RFID Tagged for the 2008 Portland Marathon

I was reviewing the Portland Marathon web page and found an interesting piece of news. (I am only running the 5 miler but lots of friends are running the marathon.)
The marathon is using a RFID tag on each runner's shoe.
From the Chronotrack web page:
ChronoTrack has developed the disposable “D” Tag, an all-weather design for attaching an EPCglobal-certified, commercially available RFID tag to the foot. ChronoTrack, in concert with its strategic partner, Impinj, Inc., has designed custom UHF RFID controllers and antennas that specifically read “D” Tags in a racing environment.
The benefits seem reasonable to me:
Disposable Tag
Accurate Time
No Fees for lost or not returned tags
Less hassle post race
Lighter, Less intrusive tag
Easier to attach to shoe
No pre-race check-in
No post-race tag turn-in
It does seems like a strong challenger to the ChampionChip system. With large, big name marathons like the Marine Corps Marathon signing up it will be interesting to watch who wins :-)

I will report back after the race with how it works for me.

One thing I do know is that competition is generally good for new the runners win either way.

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