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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Five Dollar Runs

This weekend I participated in two very different runs that both cost five dollars to enter. What an amazing deal for the money!

On Saturday, it was the ice breaker track meet for the Tigard Youth Track club where I am an assistant coach for the long distance runners. The meet was out in Sherwood and the weather was great for the event!
Cole and Leah both race great events.Leah set a PR doing both the 400 and the 100 meters and placing 3 and 2nd in her heats. Cole did the 400 and posted a good solid time better than the start of last season but not quite a PR.
I had not planned to run but as the day rolled out it just made sense for me to slap down the five dollars and race the 3000 meters Masters event. Turned out to be a really nice hard 11 minutes of running. Felt surprisingly good and strong with how little speed work I have done this spring. Only 3 seconds off my PR for this event. Wahoo!

Sunday started early heading out to explore Ruckle Creek trail with Micheal and Ronda. I do not think I have been on this particular trail before and it is a great workout! Another five dollars to park at the bottom but totally worth every cent.

We had lush green forests, wild flowers peeking out in the sun and herds of deer skirting around us as we marched up the hill. I had to turn around to have time to make church so I did not hit the real snow and the Benson Plateau. It was great fun trying to run fast down while staying vertical and soaking up the strain in the quads.

Get out to the Gorge...great workout and amazing scenery!!
These are some of my reasons to run :-)

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