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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Run Like Hell 5km: this one IS flat

I have signed up to do the 5km race for the Run Like Hell day of events.

Using the course route as shown on the Terrapin events site, I plotted the Run Like Hell 5km route on the USATF site to get a race elevation profile. Therefore no surprises on race day.

My route plot is definitely an approximation as the race map does not indicated the exact turn-around, but it does show that this baby is flat.
As in pancake. 75 feet of climbing. Nice.Tiny downhill to start and the same uphill to finish.
Not like that nasty Portland 5 miler last weekend with its 1.5 miles of climbing
for 230 feet of gain. But you can also see why I was able to run the last mile so fast :-) With all my whining about the 5 miler...I guess you can tell I want to do it again as it was tough and fun!

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