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Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Friend Lief

With some quick thinking from Trisha and help from our friends the Gerkmans, Trisha and I were able to hit the Lief Erikson trail around 3 pm today. I do a lot of my training on Lief and it is kinda like a training partner. I like the terrain, length and that every quarter mile is marked.

Heading out I felt tight, sluggish and a little grumpy. It was great to have Trisha along on the bike to keep my butt moving and push my pace up the hills.

The trilliums were still in bloom and the sun even peaked out a few times. I was quite surprised at how few people were out on the trail. We are lucky to have such a great run just 20 minutes from the house.

This is the last of my long runs before Eugene and I am happy with how all of my 20 milers have gone. All were around 2:23 (7:10 pace) so my legs are ready for the distance and pace on April 29th.


v said...

Those 'legs' bring back tree planting memories - success thru perseverance - way to go!

Rooster said...

Great job on all your training. I think you are ready for Eugene and I am sure you will accomplish your time goal. Lief looks so green right now.

Trisha said...

Love ya honey!