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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All over but the conference

The submissions deadline for EclipseCon 2008 has come and gone. Time for some reflection.

Browsing the submissions system we have over 474 proposals for tutorials, short and long talks.

In the Committer and Contributor category (track) that I am responsible for, we have 7 long talks, 8 short talks and 2 tutorials proposed.
I am particularly fond of: So You Want to Run: EclipseCon Exercise :-)

Jump in and voice your opinion.

You are invited to review the submissions, ask for more information, and provide comments and critiques.

Once again it is your chance to get involved and shape a part of Eclipse.


olga said...

Good luck! And the trip to reptiles seems like a blast!

Ed Merks said...

Nice reflections dude. It's amazing how many submissions showed up in the home stretch! We have so many submissions to choose from for Modeling alone, I'm overwhelmed...