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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lizards and Snakes

After a great run with Ronda, Stacey and Tom to start the day, Leah, Cole and I went to the Reptile Show and Sale.

Joining up with our friends Mark, Hailey and Jake we drove down to the Portland Expo center for the show.

It was cool. More snakes, geckos, frogs and chameleons than you can shake a stick at. The vendors were all really friendly and open to questions. The kids got to handle pretty much everything but an alligator...and they even asked to do that! Corn snakes and bearded dragons appear to be Cole and Leah's favorites. Mice, albino geckos and the larger chameleons round out the top five.

With Trisha's standing edict of "No snakes!", I believe the family is leaning towards the dragon and I see some type of cold blooded animal besides fish taking up residence in our home in the not too distant future.

With our church annual Thanksgiving Soup and Bread I had better get out for another run today so I can have the appetite to properly sample all the great food!


Darin Swanson said...

I look cool! (from Cole)

Darin Swanson said...

i love mi mom and mi dad (from Leah)

Trisha said...

I love you too. (from Mom)

Aaron Geist said...

that looks awesome! I don't think that my wife would ever let us get smething like that.

Ken said...

We got an Albino Corn Snake from my African Drumming instructor around 5-6 weeks ago. Just a baby. He's eating his frozen/thawed/farmed mice just fine thanks. Also, he's shed once already.

Cute now - let's see how we feel when it's 2 feet long!