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Monday, May 26, 2008

Sandy Developmental Track Meet

On Saturday, May 26th, we took part in the Team Oregon track meet in Sandy, Oregon.

The weather cooperated once again as it was partly cloudy and temperature around 50 F.
We arrived later than usual to the track as we were trying to get out the door and ready for both the track meet and camping up at Smith Rock / Crooked River Oregon.

I was taking my time (the meets sometimes do not start right on time) talking up the other coaches and athletes and slowly warming up for the 3000 meter which is always the first event of the day.
As I did my first lap around the track to warmup we noticed that there were a group lining up at the 3000 start....about to start. I sprint down to the line, ask to join, strip off my sweats pretty much just in time for the gun. Not a good warmup!

The rest of the day went much better with lots of fun and great performances by the athletes. Cole set PRs in all his events: long jump, 400 and 100 meters.
Leah set a new PR in the long jump. I set a PR for the 15oo. Results page

Lots of the athletes I work with at the club set PRs or continued their progression towards a PR in the next couple of weeks. Peaking for State is the goal!

After the last event for us for the day, we hopped back in the car and drove the 2.5 hours to our camping spot at Crooked River Ranch RV park. We got there around 3pm and setup the tent trailer like old pros we have come a long way from our first trip last July :-)
Time to hit the pool ahead of the thunderstorms...which never quite materialized.
The RV park is really not much more than a parking lot with some grass but it is in amazing country with great views and hikes with a nice pool. And for this weekend, it was perfect to be close to our running trails in and around Smith Rock.

We arrived too late for me to really hit the trails on Saturday, so I did a little 7 mile loop out from the campground to stretch the legs. I was treated with some great views of the Crooked River canyon and lots of deer. Sunday we were going to hit the real stuff with the group!

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Brian Eberly said...

Beautiful canyon. Hiked it a couple of years ago Loved it!