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Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008 Bridge Pedal

To celebrate being home from our 2 weeks of vacation in Canada (blog posts still to be written), we did the Providence Bridge Pedal this morning.

Trisha had signed us up for the 6 bridge Family ride for the nice price of $50. The kids were a little nervous about the distance but we knew that with their endurance from the track season, the ride would be no problem.

We moved at a consistent pace through the 14 miler weaving around downtown Portland to cover 6 bridges over the Willamette river. Starting at 9 am we hit the Hawthorne, Ross Island, Marquam (I5), Burnside, Broadway and the Fremont (I405) bridges.
It was really cool riding over the 2 interstate bridges. You really get the perspective of just how big and high these bridges are! And the ups and downs on the bridges are steeper than you might think.

The whole route was closed to car traffic making it very safe and generally we could move along at our own pace. At 3 locations we bottle necked with the number of riders...which was quite a number!! We always got moving again quickly and the rest breaks were good for the kids.

Great ride and next year we may have to try the 8 bridge route!


vswanson said...

Wow - What a great family pic! Did Cole get new wheels? From your pics it looks as though Leah may have been one of the youngest riders?


Darin Swanson said...

Good eyes! Cole has a new bike and Leah was one of the youngest out on her own.

Patzke's said...

Way to go you guys. Looks like it was fun.