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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nehalem Bay 2008

This past weekend was our church's annual family camping event out at Nehalem Bay near Manzanita, Oregon.

Unfortunately, unlike last year, the weather this year was cold and foggy with even some rain. On Saturday I do not think the temperature peaked above 60 F. This did little to dampen the fun as we just got to spend more time eating and hanging out near the campfire to staying warm. It did preclude building any of the traditional sandcastles as it was just too cold and misty out near the surf.

We arrived Friday night after work and settled in with the Rouses in F41. This was a nice sized site backing onto shore pines leading to the ocean.
Trisha and Chris did a beach run Saturday morning while I got out for about 1 hour along the beach near noon. The best weather was while I was out running with the kids hanging out diggin' holes in the sand and running in the dunes.
Then it just got colder and we headed back to the campfire.
Saturday night we had a campsite church service to ensure we did not get rained out. This was a good choice as Sunday morning dawned a little warmer but with thunder and rain. So we packed up and headed home in the early afternoon.

Bummer with no sun but great time hanging out and catching up with friends.

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William Swint said...

Darin, bummer about the weather,but it looks like you guys still had a great time.Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks.