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Saturday, November 29, 2008

2008 Christmas Tree

We had a break in the weather today where it was warm and almost sunny. Since I am away next weekend racing down in Sacramento for the CIM, we headed to the tree farm to harvest the family tree for 2008.

We have gone to the same place for the last 3 years: Vandermost Christmas Tree farm on SW Vandermost Road off of Scholls Ferry. You can cut down any tree on the acreage for $25. Small or large.

We tend to go large and have been happy with the 2 past years trees.

This year I made sure to pick a handsaw that was sharp. So once we had hiked through the "forest" and found our tree, the work of cutting it down was vastly easier than last year.

So with little incident, the beautiful tree was loaded on the car, driven home and is now waiting to be decorated in the front room.


Aaron Geist said...

Very nice! I love getting the tree.

Nice seeing you tonight.

Brian Eberly said...

She's a beaut!

William Swint said...

Darin, good luck in California. I'll be rooting for you to get the sub 3.