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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Important Day for EclipseCon 2009

Which of the following are true about November 24th?

Answer: All are true.

This post is about participation in EclipseCon 2009.
We have 5 Domains with 19 categories designated for the conference. We even have an Other category to not miss anything cool and interesting.

So what is your passion: Emerging technologies? UI? C/C++? E4? Web tools?
Submit a proposal for what you love to talk about.

Maybe you would like to share within the Committer and Contributor category?

In the Committer and Contributor category:
  • You can tell us about your peer and community interactions or your successes and failures with ecosystem building.
  • Do you have insights and experiences on how to work in the open, or how to foster or be a successful contributor or committer? Please don't limit yourself to just Eclipse experiences. Other communities experiences can be very relevant.
  • If you are an expert on the Eclipse foundation and its governance model, licensing or the Eclipse IP process, share with the rest of us.
  • The Eclipse development process...a whole world unto itself ready for you to help us explore.
  • How did you start your Eclipse project, foster its growth and sustain its maintenance?

No matter what category your presentation would fall under, write up your proposal and prepare to share your expertise with a submission.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you forgot to include my birthday, all I want for my birthday is a full submission system.