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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Arcadia Beach

After a lazy morning at home where I finally submitted my proposal to OS Summit Asia and Trisha finished a 10 mile run, we headed out to Arcadia beach to spend a full afternoon at the beach with Kai and Renata.

It was pretty much the warmest, most wind free day I think we have ever had on the Oregon coast. Lots of people appeared to be in Cannon Beach and at Tolovana Beach so we were glad we knew about our little hide-way beach.

This beach is great as there is lots of sand, it is sheltered from the wind and it has rocks that are close enough to explore as the tide recedes. Sea anemones, goose neck barnacles, mussels and little crabs all added excitement and discovery to the day. As well it is rarely busy and just a short little ways from Cannon Beach.

"Sandcastle" #2 for the year was an attempt at an octopus. It had eight legs but I needed to have done the features facing away from the water in the shade so that they would show up in the picture :-)

We hit Mo's restaurant for dinner around 7:30 and even sat outside as there still was no wind. Our family highly recommends sharing the family size clam chowder. Great ending to a perfect day!

After less than enough sleep it was up early for me to try out a long run on the healing ankle. I was picked up by Scott near 5:30am to meet up with Rick and Susan. We started out slow and casual as everyone is at the tail end of training for the PCT 5o / 5o. I am doing the 50km while all the other studs are doing the 50 miler!
The plan was to do all of Leif Erikson trail. Turns out this was too much too soon for my sore foot. I knew it was going to be a long day around mile 10 when my ankle started to ache more than the average lately. So I decided to turn around early and start heading back at about 10.5 miles. This was the start of some walking for the day but as my friend Dave Stevenson says...there is nothing wrong with walking sometimes :-). Rick and Scott caught up to me around mile 8 (Susan had headed out for another 6 hours of running!!). Not moving fast but moving I made it in with some running and walking to finish 20.5 miles in 3:26 minutes. While it hurts me both physically and mentally to have trouble running 2o miles and running it "slow" I just kept reminding myself at how blessed I am to have healed as fast as I have and to even be able to be out running at all.

Hope everyone racing at SOB 50km had a great day!


Rooster said...

I hope your ankle stops hurting soon, I feel guilty!!! 20 miles in only 3 weeks after the injury is good but be careful when you get back on those trails and might want to consider a mild brace using tape to stop any roll overs.

vswanson said...

Good luck on your Hong Hong proposal....that would be great for you in November...let me know after July 30th!

- thanks for all the great posts!!