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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Puma Swag

I love my wife. I really like running and free stuff.

Trisha signed us up for the Puma Pursuit. Basically a fun run (about 2.5 miles) starting and ending at a local running store, Fit Right Northwest. The purpose of the run is to have fun and for Puma to get you to see their products and possibly even buy some shirts or shorts. There was good deals / free stuff all around. We figure about 100 people were there.

Free stuff and swag at the finish:
Food!! Pizza, vegetables, and water
Puma running towels and drawing for door prizes. Trisha almost won a pair of Puma shoes but last minute was switched to some nice running socks.
Good deals:
We also bought some more running socks including the new Forest Park can never have too many. The store gave a nice 10% off and free Puma shirt and pack sack.

A date run with swag!


Trisha said...

I love you too

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