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Monday, September 3, 2007

Columbia River

Our neighbors Geoff and Kari kindly invited us to a day of boating out on the Columbia river. Man, what a way to start to shut down summer: perfect temperature, great food, conversation and fun!

Most or the time we spent hanging out on the north beach of the Columbia river across from the Chinook public boat launch.

We also had the pleasure of doing some water skiing and tubing.

Leah and Trisha tackled the tubing and Trisha got up for some double skiing and I dredged up some muscle memory of how to slalom.
I think I did pretty well after more than 10 years, accomplishing 3 deep water starts and even some pretty decent hard cuts with no wipeouts.

But I am old school. Almost no one on the river was out water skiing. Everyone is wakeboarding. I was too chicken to try something new with a race this weekend.
Maybe next time. Has to be easier with all that surface area on those boards :-)

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vswanson said...

Hey I remember you and your brother's deep water starts and your cuts - the ole 115 really felt it at times - also your skill on the board! Good memories - glad we did it - better start planning on that ski-boat!