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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Out with the Old, In with the New

I was in Chicago last week for an Eclipse board meeting. I had hoped that we would be downtown near the water so I could get out for some runs on trails near the lake. Alas we were stationed out in suburbia: Schaumburg, Illinois.

So I snuck in some runs during lunch or between meetings on the hotel treadmills. Nothing too inspiring.

But really it was OK. My body is tired and my runs have been lackluster. My next race is not until November 3rd so I decided to not run much this weekend. I skipped out running with my friends at the last minute. In fact, I did a total of less than 1 hour just in and around the neighborhood. I have heard that even the best runners take rest periods from running...up to six weeks!

Along with the inter-terminal tunnel pictured above, I saw this "cool" toilet in the Chicago airport. It has a plastic wrap on the toilet seat. When you are done, you push a button and a new, clean plastic loop is pulled around the seat. You have to be patient while the plastic is slowly pulled around by the little motor. But then you are guaranteed a new, clean, fresh surface to "work" with.
I think that is what my body is needing right now: a little time to clean and refresh to be ready for the new stresses I plan to throw at it :-)


Ken said...

Karl and I were just in that tunnel Friday coming back from some meetings in Phoenix. We could't help think that we were walking through some giant paint sample wall in Home Depot

Rooster said... have got to get out more! Pictures and stories about toilets?????? Just kidding, I need one of these at home for Alex!