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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Time to Race

McKenzie River 50 km is on Saturday. I did this race for the first time last year and loved it!
Nice forested trail for 31 miles of mostly a gradual downhill. Ended up finishing 5th at 4:20 (8:24 pace per mile).

My taper has been kinda weird as I have been off on vacation this week but at home. I have been doing a ton of yard work to catch up with being away all summer. Major upper body workouts but limited leg stress. Possibly good.

But I have not run since Saturday when I did a hard 12 miler on Lief which went well. Had a great massage on Tuesday with Stacey working out the leftovers of Waldo still hiding in my calf muscles :-)
Today, Trisha and I did a 18 mile bike ride on the Springwater corridor. Casual, easy but good to get the blood flowing in the legs.
I think I will do an easy 3-4 miler tomorrow to stretch the legs out.
We shall see how this worked.

This year the "big boys and girls" are running on Sunday in the 20th anniversary invitational. That race is going to be FAST!
Might open things up for me on Saturday.
My goal is to stick to my pace chart, stay on my fueling plan (1 gel every 20 minutes...just like what worked so well at Waldo) and hit 4:15 (8:12 pace per mile).

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vswanson said...

This one sounds'll do well once again, just stick to your wishes...I'll be awaiting the results!