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Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy January Weekend

We had a "busy but full of rewarding experiences" kinda weekend.

Slushy, slippery, icy training run for me on Saturday that was supposed to be 15 miles but turned into 13 as the sidewalks and trails became more and more slippery with the freezing rain.

We then hit dim sum with the Rouses to re-fill the stomachs.

Hit the World of Wet Pets aquarium store for a new T5 light for the new 90 gallon and some Rotala indica for the older 55 gallon. I do need to post on our aquariums...

On Sunday, Trisha raced the Vancouver Lake Half Marathon (picture above) along with Ronda and Stacey. She did amazing job posting a 5 minute PR to finish in 1:57...on what may have been a long course! She is well on her way to nailing the Chuckanut 50 km in March. As well I have been bit by the need to race (cannot let Trisha have all the fun) so I am planning to run a 5km next Sunday to get the rust out of the joints.

While Trisha was racing, Cole was off to a LaserTag birthday party.
Leah and I went to church. Then I had the privilege of doing a "date" lunch with Leah at McDonalds. She loved the idea of just hanging out with her dad and I was proud to be out on the town with my little girl.

Back out the door to check out the Japanese American New Years celebration.

We watched a demonstration of Jared's Obukan Kendo club, Taiko and mochitsuki or mochi pounding...which Cole volunteered to help out with. All very cool cultural experiences and some quite tasty. Both Cole and Leah found the drums quite interesting commenting about being able to feel the drum beat in their stomachs :-)

I then snuck out for a short run to make it back in time for the annual business meeting of our church called Prime Time. I also had the opportunity to step up and take a position on the church board which I am quite excited about. For a retrospective on what occurred at our church last year check out: Life at Grace Point.

Phew...I propose 3 day weekends are needed to squeeze all this in for future reference :-)

This morning we were greeted with Portland. Beautiful!


olga said...

Dates with kids are totally awesome, and Trisha rocks!

saschasdad said...

Being the pavement pounder you are, I was wondering why you weren't at Vancouver. A date with your daughter is a great reason. See you at Hagg.