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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

EclipseCon 2008 Conference Program

The EclipseCon 2008 Conference program is available on the conference site for all to start to pick and choose your selections from the smorgasbord of tutorials, long talks, and short talks that are available.

And, yes, the food metaphor is on purpose...still planning EclipseCon exercise :-)

Something new for the conference this year is that there is no additional cost for tutorials.

As the Program Committee member responsible for the Committer and Contributor track I would like to point out a particularly interesting and valuable tutorial: API Design Workshop.

Besides the obvious value of this tutorial, the reason I bring it up is that you need to sign up in advance for this workshop and come prepared to participate to make the learning experience as rich as possible.
Please see the wiki for more details.

And I really do not know how it is possible to have any breaks in your schedule ;-)
If you are not in a technical session you should be out running...but then I guess you could run to the mashup? :-)

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