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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hagg Lake 25km: My Girl Rocks!

Today was the Hagg Lake trail race. About 350 people lined up to run around the lake either once or twice depending on whether they were doing the 25 km or 50 km races.

I have done this race for the previous 4 years so today I was about to enter the Hall Of Mud: those people who have run the race 5 years.

I had originally planned to run the 50km but with some nagging issues with my right leg I opted to run the 25 km. My wife Trisha was running the 25 k for her 4th time. We arrived early and watched the 50km people returning from the 3 mile out and back. I got into my pre-race nervousness and Trisha laughed at me :-) And then before you knew it Stacey had finished the pre-race talk and counted down with co-race director Ronda to launch us out on the course! By the way, Stacey and Ronda put on a first class show...NEVER hesitate to sign up for one of their races. Awesome job guys!

I warmed up running on the out and back and things felt pretty good. Then back past the starting line to head around the lake. Most of the race is trail that varies from a mountain bike tire rut in open Oak fields to great forest trails cushioned with needles. Talking to Matt , the 50 km has 3000 ft of climb, so the 25 km likely has about 1100 ft with the less climb on the out and back. Enough to feel it be not enough excuse to really walk :-)
Getting into my groove on the trail never really happened. It was fun but I just was not able to really push. We headed out on the road towards the dam and this is where you are supposed to drop it and push towards the first aid station. Not today. Got to the dam aid station at 48 mins. Off pace and time to call it to ensure no lasting damage to the body. I hung out at the aid station and tried to be encouraging to those moving on waiting for Trisha so I could pace her in.

Trisha had a great day. She pushed hard and worked the trail. It was great to see her training paying off. I enjoyed being able to run and help her out. I still am learning on how to pace her best but we are working on it :-) My biggest mistake was thinking that her previous best on this course was 3:12 when it actually was 2:57...oops! After the race I was yapping to everyone that she had set a 20 minutes PR. The reality was that it was a only 10 minute PR at 2:48. Results are here. Completely awesome! Next year she is up for 5 years.

Sure I was frustrated my body was not ready to race today. The course was dry and prime for a personal record. But not for me today. Hats off to all the people out there racing today and pushing it to see what they had.

What a great day! Sun shining, running with my best friend, seeing and talking to lots of my running friends and getting to spend a beautiful spring day out in God's creation! This is why we run.

Bring on the rest of the season!

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olga said...

Congrats on getting a buckle - and to Trisha on her great PR!