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Friday, February 22, 2008

Looking forward to the day after Boston

My training has been slow for the last two weeks. Simple fix would be to get a new right leg. Not really sure what the root cause is. The speed training? Some bad muscle memory from my sprained ankle last summer? Either way I had a great leg massage on Tuesday that let me experience new levels of pain but also seemed to kick my body over to really work on healing.

I am entered in the Hagg Lake 25km on Saturday. I had planned to race the 50km and then with advice from Trisha and Ronda I downgraded to the 25km to better match my training. I hope I can still race tomorrow. I plan to take it easy the first couple of miles and then ramp it up if it is there. If not, I plan to fall back and run with Trisha. With her training this year for Chuckanut 50km, she will be right behind me! And I have a chance to get a belt buckle :-)

Either way it will be a great day out on the trails. Which is sooooo much easier on the body than the pounding for a road marathon. At least for me. I can really relate to this video after hard racing a road marathon. Thanks to Caroline for pointing it out.

Also some of my friends are doing the 30 hour famine this weekend. Great World Vision cause to help youth fight world hunger. You guys are inspiring!

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