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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Running...for re-election

About half the posts on this blog are about my passion for running.
The other half are about my work passions.
Now I get to talk about running with regards to a work passion :-)

For the last year I have been part of the team that represents the Eclipse committers on the Eclipse Board of Directors. It has been a great personal growth experience and I feel I have done an excellent job of tasking the Board to discuss and take action on issues that are of concern to committers.

We have a great slate of candidates for the Committer representative positions on the board. Check out all the candidates and read the positions.
As Mike said: ..."Eclipse will be well served by any outcome of the election".
I feel Eclipse can be best served if I am re-elected to be a committer representative on the board.

Please take the time to read my position on what I have worked on in the past year and what I feel we need to keep pushing on in the upcoming year.

Read the committer newsgroup and committer representative blog.
Ask questions and initiate discussions in the candidates' blogs and within the newsgroup.

Then take the time to do an informed vote for the candidates who will do the best job for the Eclipse committers.

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