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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Portland Eclipse Ganymede DemoCamp

On Tuesday we had the second Portland Eclipse DemoCamp. The wiki for the democamp can be found here and includes the listing of the presenters (8 people), some of the presentations, and a listing of the 40+ people who attended.

We started out correctly eating some salad and pizza along with some beverages.
The actual demos started around 7:30. Below are my notes from the presentations that will hopefully give you an idea of the demo and whet your appetite to ping the presenters for more details or try the stuff out for yourself.

Rob Ryan, Instantiations, Code Pro AnalytiXs
A product to help find problems early using static code analysis for the entire source or can be selection specific.
This part seemed similar to open source projects I have seen but then I have never tried AnalytiX myself.
It has extensible rule sets with the intent to have FindBugs and PMD import in the future
Also has automated generation of JUnit tests.

Chris Elford, Intel, TPTP Profiler Enhancements
Java profiling for Java profiler went GA in Europa and they spent the Ganymede time fixing up the usability bugs reported by users.
Worked to reduce usability diffs between JVMPI and JVMTI and make enhancements for better multi-thread analysis and improved Java 6 support.
Presentation is here.

Joe Hoffman dynatrace Diagnostics
Diagnostics Client 2.6.0
I was not sure whether this was an Eclipse based product or just a product that could fire up Eclipse to view the source for diagnostic issues that the dynaTrace product found? Missed Joe to ask.

Elias Volanakis , Innopract, Java-based web-apps with Eclipse RAP
Elias gave a compelling demo of the "RCP for the web" and the promise of sharing code between the rich client and the web app. See the presentation here.
I plan to try this out some more in our breather now that we have shipped.

Rob Ryan, Instantiations, WindowBuilder Pro
Quick demo on a WSIWYG GUI builder that apparently has 10,000 users and works for SWT, Swing and GWT designers. There is a free 14 day evaluation.

Chris Goldthorpe, IBM, Little Known Secrets of the Eclipse Help System
Chris gave a interesting insight into the security holes he has been plugging within the help system and then, how for 3.4, the team has simplified the addition of help and user assistance.

Ryan Manwiller and Darin Swanson, IBM, Jazz and Rational Team Concert
Ryan and I walked through a simple work flow of a team lead and developer interacting to triage, assign, assess, fix and verify a problem all within the context of Rational Team Concert. We sampled the work item, SCM, process and build integration of the Jazz platform to show how some common pain points of software development are relieved.
To find out more please explore

The demo camp was good timing for the Jazz team as Rational Team Concert 1.0 is available today. Register and download RTC to kick the tires.

Thanks to Instantiations and Innoopract for sponsoring the gathering.
All the demo camp pictures can be found here (Thanks Anne).


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Congrats on getting Jazz out the door.

Maybe this means we'll see Darin do so more Eclipse ;)

Darin Swanson said...

Or is it time to see Chris do more Jazz? :-)