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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pre Big Horn 100

We are all sitting in Sheridan, Wyoming watching the amazing thunderstorm show roll through the valley. With the torrents of rain (with some hail) everyone is glad the 2008 Big Horn 100 does not start until 11:00 am tomorrow!

Guarantees there will be at least some mud to slog through ... wahoo!
It will also be interesting to see what the course changes really mean when we get out on the trail but since we have not done this race before doesn't really matter. The course was changed as the top part of the course on the out and back is still under 3 ft of snow. Less out and back but it looks like more climbing. Cool, we know how to do that ;-)

Casual day of travel from Portland to Billings, Montana via Seattle.
The drive from Billings was nice as the hills are all really green and the mountains all capped with snow. Saw several pronghorns "out on the range".

Once we checked in to the Days Inn, we headed to the race check-in for all the Oregonians to get their numbers and race packet, weigh in, get their blood pressure checked and have the pacers (like me :-) ) sign in and get our pacer bibs.

Scott Jurek gave a little talk on race day nutrition but likely he was preaching to the choir :-)
Then time for a dinner and a Walmart run to pick the essentials such as water and red bull and some food for the crew out driving the back roads all day.

Now it is time to finish packing my food for the day and prepare to help push Ronda from Footbridge to the Finish (about 33 miles) and to do my part to ensure that she has an awesome day tomorrow!

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