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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weekend Running for PCT 50 Build Week

Based on Ronda's plan for my training for PCT 50 I am in a build week so that means for Saturday I needed to do 2 by 35 minute hills and then hours of KPR running on Sunday.

On Saturday I did not want to do tons of driving as Trisha needed to get out for her run and I have some gardening/weeding to do :-) So I planned to do Saltzman Road in Forest Park. But I made the mistake of telling this to Ronda and Micheal at the Big Horn 100 planning meeting. They knew Saltzman would not take me 35 minutes so now I was tasked with 2.5 repeats! Still better than 3 and still better than driving for almost 2 hours for 3 hours of running :-)
I also needed to hold the fort down for Black Saturdays as most everyone else is tapering for Big Horn 100.

I started at the top of Saltzman at 7:30 am. It was COLD. On the warmup down, my hands started to go numb. So nothing to do but pick up the pace :-) Took a 1.125 out and back on the Leif Erikson trail to get the legs moving and warm up the body. Finished going all the way down to St Helens Road. Now to plug in the tunes and run up.
St Helens to Skyline via Saltzman
...nice alliteration :-)
Quick refuel at the top and then pound it down. Tight in my calf muscles and tendons rather than my quads but loosened up nicely.

I figured out the mileage as best I could using the USATF page and the Forest Park maps.
The saved USATF route can be viewed by clicking on the picture at right. Part of it was hard to map out as the road was not marked on the map but between Google and USATF I think I got close :-)

The details:
1. 45:16 (144 avg, 180 max) (warm-up)
2. 30:48 (164 avg, 174 max) (up)
3. 25:12 (141 avg, 153 max) (down)
4. 30:30 (169 avg, 178 max) (up)
5. 9:23 (139 avg, 177 max) (down) (slow as legs were tight!)
6. 9:32 (151 avg, 167 max) (up)

Total ~18.75 in 2:30:46...around 2400 ft of climbing.
20 minute ice bath to ease the swelling and prepare for the Sunday KPR.

Sunday got up to run before church and fun activities of Father's day.
Started slow (that was the easy part) and tried to bump up the pace for each 3 mile loop. Went pretty well although by the last lap I was working and not getting all that much faster but still slightly faster...good enough for me. Another KPR (Kenyan style progression run) done!
So another great week of running all done with about 75 miles total.
Only real complaint is that it is still COLD when we start running and it is supposed to be June!

Next week is a peak week and corresponds nicely with my pacing duties at the Big Horn 100. The course for the race is still in flux due to the snow at the high elevation so I am not sure of how many miles I will be pacing Ronda but it will likely be north of 50...Wahoo!

So with the running done for this week, we hit church for Father's day sermon and then into the car for my father's day surprise...a night at Great Wolf Lodge and a couple days at the indoor water park with the family. More on that in another post :-)

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