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Thursday, January 8, 2009

EclipseCon 2009: So Much in so Little Time

If the tacky title didn't grab you maybe a Wordle picture will. The graphic is a great representation of the diverse and interesting topics within the sessions that will be presented at EclipseCon 2009.

I would like to highlight the Committer and Contributor category presentations that we have put together.

This year, our category gets credited with a KEYNOTE: The Social Mind: Designing Like Groups Matter!!
Wahoo...Here Comes Everybody to use the StackOverflow :-)
I can hardly wait to hear what Clay Shirky and Jeff Atwood will say.

Outside of the keynote, we have 2 short and 2 long talks and an amazing tutorial.

We have organized a UFC like-event in the form of a long talk panel. Some real heavy hitters from the Eclipse Architecture Council will be sitting up on the stage ready to take on your most intriguing questions. Bring your best moves. Will your question cause a verbal tap out? :-)

Our other long session is with Janet from the Eclipse Organization. Just go...everyone always can use an overview or refresher on IP policy.

The two short talks are grouped into a 50 minute session that will make you a better person!(Results atypical, your mileage may vary, guarantee not valid in most countries). Seriously, pencil in this session to beef up your skill set dealing with WikiText and Mylyn Connectors.

Our Mylyn tutorial will make you a better person as well. Again, OK, maybe just a more efficient and productive programmer.
And remember, all tutorials are FREE with your all All Access Pass.

Some other new developments for EclipseCon 2009 is we have bravely waded into the whole social networking scene. We are on Upcoming, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and we have a blog.
Yahoo! Upcoming
Linked In

Stalk the progress towards EclipseCon 2009 via your favorite portal. Ensure to go beyond passive watching and instigate some discussion, propose ideas and help make things happen. This is the open source way.

Another great social opportunity when actually at EclipseCon will be the proposed EclipseCon Exercise. It was a great success in 2008 and there are few other events were you get to sweat quite so much and have it socially acceptable.

The EclipseCon program committee has done an amazing job of pulling together a top notch program. I am proud to be part of it.

Have you done your part and registered?
EclipseCon 2009

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