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Monday, March 17, 2008

EclipseCon Exercise: Day 1...Ouch it was Early!

I was unsure of what to expect this morning. 114 people had signed up for the EclipseCon exercise but I fully expected no one to show up this morning :-) With a start time of 6 am and most people flying in from all parts of world, who would blame them!

Starting with inspiration from Bjorn (exactly 2 minutes after the stated start time), we headed out the door at 6:02 am.

The planner (me) neglected to take day light savings time into consideration so it was rather dark this morning. It will be much better tomorrow at 7am. It also made the out and back seem new with more light on the way back.

We headed out with 12 people and more joined us out on the trail. We ran about 4 miles enjoying the early morning out on the bike path and I am happy to report we had no injuries or deaths though I think one cyclist commuter was a little ticked off :-) The route is flat and casual and totally car free.

We had first time EclipseCon attenders and presenters all the way to people, such as myself, who have been to each and every EclipseCon. We had beginning runners to people training for Ironman and 100 mile trail races.

Please come join us at any of the other times for great conversation and exercise:
On Tuesday - 7am and Noon
On Wednesday - 7am and Noon
On Thursday - 7am and Noon

All meeting in the Hyatt Conference Hotel lobby.

Now the conference can officially begin :-)

P.S. For anyone out on the run today leave a comment, send me some email or come grab me during the conference so I can give you some running goodies!


Markus said...

Great way to start the day. Expect me to join tomorrow again. :)

Roman said...

I blogged about the run:

I hope it's fine that I used your pictures... hopefully this can attract more people for the next days :)

Jason said...

Thanks for organizing these runs! Hopefully we'll get more people tomorrow.

Darin Swanson said...

I have had lots of people tell me about hitting the snooze alarm this morning. I think tomorrow will shall own the trails :-)

Markus said...

Looks like there is a new top level project: "The eclipse runner project".


kimberly said...

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