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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Working and Measuring the Trails

It was a weekend of preparation. Friday night was preparing taxes...wahoo I smell a rebate! I just love TurboTax. I even get to claim it as a write-off.

Saturday was a trail work day out at Hagg Lake for the 25 and 50km on February 21st (note the races are sold out!). I hitched a ride out to the lake with Ronda and Micheal and we enjoyed talking about the pending race season and all the great adventures that are about to unfold including Hardrock!

We were blessed with an amazing sunny and warm spring day. Ronda, Larry and I covered the section from the last mile out from the finish/start and then to the dam.
Thanks to those who had gone before and done all the real heavy lifting and cutting...I only had some minor sawing to do and mostly just cutting back some blackberries. It is cool to see how this trail has matured under the careful attention of the Hagg Lake Ultra the volunteers and especially Ronda and Stacey. Make sure to say a big THANK YOU. In my opinion the trail is in great shape partially from all the work but also from the dry spring we have had. But we all know that can change really quickly. And don't worry there is still plenty of mud if you want it!

Since I am still enjoying relaxing after the Surf City marathon, I did not feel the need for a long run this weekend. So on Sunday after church, the kids and I went down to Cook Park and wheeled the 5 km course for the Spring Burst of our Reason to Run events. The kids rode their bikes and I walked/ran the sections to get the accurate distances. I must say it will be a great course! I used a Rolatape measuring wheel I borrowed from my friend Scott. The kids loved knowing exactly how far we had gone and I know the runners and walkers will appreciate it on race day.

Amazing weather for the inaugural Pier Park runs...I know everyone must have had a great time!
Also post race hats off to the guys who pounded the Jed Smith Ultra...1st to Todd Braje who gave me great advice for Surf City and then to my buddy Sean for his second place finish. These guys run two marathons at the speed I can run one...NICE and totally inspiring! Full results can be found here.
Also to our friend Steve running the Death Valley marathon...can't wait to here those stories....

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