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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Getting Ready to Race and Getting the Race Ready

This coming weekend I will be racing in the Hagg Lake 50km. My mind is ready. I am not sure that my body is. When I signed up to do the Surf City marathon on Feb 1st and then run Hagg Lake on Feb 21st, those dates sounded a long way apart. Well, the short of it is that my body is still feeling the marathon effort.
I am making peace with this and just planning to take Saturday's race as it unfolds, run my own race as Dane would say (I am reading See Dane Run at the moment). Start a little conservative and see how things go. The course will be in great shape. We have had dry weather for the last week and it does not even look like we will get much rain on race day.

On Saturday, I had the privilege of training both with the Black Saturday crew and Trail Factor group.
Black Saturday means hill repeats, and this time was slated for 3x30 minutes on Saltzman.
The details on this hill repeat can be found on this other post. These are good tough but not impossible repeats: about 30 minutes of running for 3.6 miles with 1200 ft of climb.

On Saturday, I posted a decent time for my first repeat but was having nothing but trouble with my gut. I was paying for the over indulgence of going out for dinner with Trisha for Valentines...and I would do it again :-) My second repeat was about 1 minute slower but again it was more my gut and mind then my legs that slowed me down. I called it quits after the two. I felt bad breaking a cardinal rule of Black Saturday (Thou Shalt Always Do the FULL workout) and also not really getting to run as much as I would have liked with the others including the Trail Factor crew. Next time! It was really nice to not run in the rain.

And then Sunday we had an amazing Spring day. So after church, I headed to Cook Park for more course measuring with the wheel for our Reason To Run Spring Rush 10k route. The pictures throughout this post are from around the course. NICE!
Makes me want to run it...we hope the same goes for you.

See you at Hagg this weekend!

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