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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

EclipseCon Exercise Day 2: Back in the light

A beautiful morning out on the trail greeted the EclipseCon runners this morning. Almost 20 people rolled out of bed to join the group to start the day off right. Good exercise and it was a great way to review the day one of EclipseCon. A few even stuck to the 6am start time and were done before we started (not sure on purpose though)!

Everyone seemed to have had good experiences with their tutorials on Monday with a common theme being that the 4 hour length was just about right for the hands on learning.

The conversation was so good today that one group of runners went what I believe may be the longest session for EclipseCon exercise....about 10km. Not 4 hours of running but still very NICE! I think this may have been partly fueled by the excesses of the Eclipse Community awards and following reception on Monday evening :-)

7 am Wednesday will be the real test...hardest day to get out of bed. Be strong and come join us. I guarantee you will enjoy the day 7ammore...look at how excited these guys are to take on the day :-)

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Kim Moir said...

Great to see such happy runners!