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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reason to Run 2009 Shirt Artwork

Reason to Run #127: After a good hard run you get a really cool shirt that you can exercise in but often don't because you want to wear the shirt out on the town!

Hot from the creative genius that is Tyson Mangelsdorf we have the graphic designs that will the artwork for the Reason to Run shirts for the Spring Burst 5k and Rush 10k in Cook Park, Tigard, Oregon.
The first image is for the women's shirt and will be on a sky blue "silky smooth" technical shirt for the April reasons to run.

This is men's graphic and will be on a manly navy blue technical shirt
Everyone who registers for our 5k or 10k will get one of these shirts. If you want extra shirts or crave to share these designs with others...stay tuned. We plan to be offering the shirts for sale on soon.


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! a cool shirt....Maybe he can link up with the other races in Oregon!

Darin Swanson said...

I think we may be selfish for a while. Reason to Run will just have to host more events ;-)

Anonymous said...

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