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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back to Going Long

We were finally around for a full weekend so I was able to head out for a long run on the trails. Rick, Scott and I started running around 7 am at the beginning of the Leif Erikson trail. It was a nice warm-up and we trudged along till the end of the trail (11.22 miles). We fueled and watered up at the end of the Leif and head out on the new Cannon trail connected to Wildwood trail (less than 1/2 a mile).

Wildwood is a great urban trail that runs 30 some miles through Forest Park.
We hit the trail at mile 24.5 and planned to hoof it in to the Wild Cherry trail at mile 7.88.
The running was great, the trail was in good shape and the greenery was still not too thick. I ran the middle miles a little too fast (24.5 down to 16 (Salzman Road)) and I would feel it later.
After drinking and eating we were off again.
These are the tough miles of Wildwood. There are some nice downhills but also some climbs back out of the creek drainages. My legs were started to fatigue and I could tell I was working on a big mileage week. Rick was running like there was an In N Out at mile 11 so we were all trying to keep up. We regrouped at mile 11 and headed for Wild Cherry at 7.88. 11 down to 8 is some nice downhill cruising and we could smell the barn.
These shots are Rick and Scott smiling away when they know we have only about 1 mile left to go and the plan to suck back some cold Cokes at the end!

It was great to get out on a sunny day for close to 30 miles with the two guys who got me into trail running.
Great start to building up for the ultra summer!

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