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Monday, May 14, 2007

Running an Aid Station: Hippie Chick

Last Saturday I had the privilege of volunteering at the "Pump" station aid station for the Hippie Chick half marathon and quarter marathon.

Trisha was running the race so the kids and I had fun manning the aid station. Cole and I where pretty much the only guys in sight at the all girl race.

It was truly inspiring to see all the runners working hard. Leah and Cole did very will passing out water and Gleukos to the runners as the passed by up to 4 times. They did end up getting distracted with the massive ant nest in the tree nearby...but really who could blame them??

Seeing the people racing made me want to get back into training...pretty sure I am going to race the Run for the Roses 5km.
Should be good again this year...especially as they have tweaked the age groups so I do not have to compete against the young punks anymore :-)

Trisha had a great strong race beating her times for the race from the past with a 2:03:30.
I am proud or you Babe!
Now Trisha has to choose between Helvetia or my favorite the Foot Traffic Flat?? Next time sub-2!!

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vswanson said...

Doin' a 'grandpa' are where's the picture showing the big 'D-operator'! Way to go, that corner has been begging for a make-over. Looking forward to seeing it and maybe helping a little this w/e - will bring suitable togs...