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Monday, May 14, 2007

Diggin in the Dirt

I have not felt a strong need to get out for long runs on the weekend: slightly sick, Trisha has been out of town, and the legs are still sore. So with the plan to kick back into heavy training not until next week I decided to tackle a landscaping project!

The long term goal is to make room for a pond near the back patio of our house. So I needed to move some dirt! I started out trying to just do it manually and then I quickly realized that I was not 25 anymore. As well, there is a reason God gave us the insight to create machines. Off to Home Depot to rent a mini-excavator! I had great fun making a mess of the backyard and discovering two sprinkler lines I did not know about...ouch!

When Trisha came back from her beach weekend away, the backyard was definitely bigger!
Unfortunately for me I still had to schlep the soil off to the corner of the yard. Finished that up after about 1 week. It did not kill me so I am hoping that my upper body is stronger :-)



vswanson said...

Sorry about that - left my comment to the wrong posting - see following posting comment for this posting - hope I am not too confusing!

Darin Swanson said...

Family is always slightly confusing :-)