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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bicycle Built for Two: Reach the Beach 2007

Trisha and I had the good fortune to do the 100 mile Reach the Beach bike ride on Saturday.

The ride goes from near our house out to the coast at Pacific City, Oregon.
On Friday night we drove out with Grandpa and the kids to do a little playing and eating at the beach and drop the car off so that we would not have to ride back from reaching the beach :-) !

With Grandpa Swanson holding down the fort with Cole and Leah, we headed out Saturday morning from our house on Scott's tandem (thanks again for the lender Scott!!)

We met up with Mary, James and Jeff for the ride and pretty quickly got on our way.

The ride works its way south west out to coast. This year there was a pretty strong headwind for the entire ride. We also believe they snuck in a few more hills. We had no flats but the tandem refused to shift into the lowest gears so we got a great workout going up the hills!

We had lots of fun in our group and the constant eating on the an ultra without quite as much aerobic workout ;-) The easy way to do a 100!

The is great to end with a series downhills after cresting through the coastal range. The cruise down to the beach is very scenic and fast. You pass through the Suislaw national forest and race over numerous one-way bridges.

After about 6:15 of riding time we hit the finish line.
We then posed for the traditional Reach the Beach finish shot.
We ate some more food and then headed to the Bed and Breakfast and the hot tub.
If you ever want to stay in Pacific City, check out the Craftsman B&B...great location, food and hosts.

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Rooster said...

Nice job guys, sounds like you had a ton of fun.