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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Running Boston

I like running in Boston.

Maybe it is because in 2005 I set my marathon PR here. Maybe it is the history buff in my loving all the old stuff. Today I had a very nice run around the Charles River for another reason to like Boston.

I am in Boston for the June "face to face" meeting of the Eclipse Foundation Board. After spending more time than I wanted to in Chicago due to weather cancellations I arrived in Boston this morning. After a full day of meetings, I had a 2hr window to read email and get out for a run. I got in about 15 minutes of email and then headed out the door.

I am staying at the Omni Parker House hotel which is only a short distance from the Charles River and its trails. From what I have read there is a 17.1 mile loop available.

Today I got in the loop starting from the Longfellow Bridge (the signature Boston bridge in my opinion) to the Anderson footbridge...about 7.2 miles. It is a scenic loop often you forget you are so close to a major US city. There are lots of views of the Boston marathon course...including every runners friend...the Citco sign (about 1 mile from the finish of the race).

There is even lots of other Canadians here...I like this town :-)
Tomorrow I head to Sacramento to pace Ronda at WS 100...even more fun!

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