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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Weekend with the crew

Another great weekend of running has come and gone.
I am pushing to do 3 weeks of 65 plus best mileage ever!
Got out on Saturday morning starting near 7 am with Rick and Scott.
We did a loop starting from 53rd on Wildwood (mile 9.25) out to Springville (22.5). At this point I was dragging and feeling the miles. We walked / shuffled down to Leif gulping back the calories as we went. When I hit Leif I knew I had to pick up the pace so I threw out that I would try to do sub-8s down to Wild Cherry. Loosening up and feeling good with the caffeine and calories I was able to take it down to 7:30s. Mile 6 down to mile 1.5 (where Rick branched off on Alder) I was able to hold sub-7s. You really can get a second wind on a long!

Saturday night we headed downtown for Trisha running in the Star Light run. It was fun, lots of fast runners and those all dressed up for the race. It was hot and seemed hilly. Trisha, Brenda, Danielle and Chris had tons of fun! Michelle, James and Mary ran as well. It was fun again to be the cheering section with Jared, Dan, Mark and Tyson (and all the kids!). We stuck around for a while and watched the Star Light parade. Great that the kids are getting older and we get extend our boundaries!

Sunday was church, gardening and a short recovery run. Trisha and the kids rode their bikes and I ran for our neighborhood loop. 3 miles of fun with the crew!
On to prepping for running around Mt St Helen's this coming weekend. If you can go up it...should not be too hard to go around it :-)

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