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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mangelstock 2007

On Saturday, we got to hang out and enjoy live music, delicious food, cool beverages, and summer conversation at Mangelstock. Bunch of performers such as Kevin Selfe with a passion for music. Terrific time of live jamming. Thanks to Aaron for hosting and to Danielle and Tyson for inviting us!

It was very cool to hang out with old and new friends but especially some quality time with Trisha. Got a chance to dance with Leah as well.

Cole did well playing video games with the other kids such as Warcraft. Only a matter of time till he will be wanting to join the 9 million other WOW players! Cole was very cute bringing his electric keyboard to play one of his songs but got a little intimidated with the "polish" of the other performers :-)

Sunday we hit church which also had an back to school outreach BBQ for some of the neighbors. Bridgetown ministries was there as were the snow cones :-) Check out Brian's pics.

We then did some last minute chores, attended a bunch of birthday parties and then rolled for beach camping!

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vswanson said...

Wow! What a picture - Dad, you'r a fortunate man!