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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Waterfalls towards Waldo

I set out one of my toughest stretch of workouts for my final build week before Where's Waldo 100km.

With the kids away visiting Grandma I in Canada, Trisha and I have a little more freedom and flexibility :-)

We started the string of workouts on Thursday night with a hard flat 8 mile run on the Fanno Creek Trail. Trisha was on the bike and I was hoping for a heat workout but alas our relatively cool Portland summer continues.

Friday morning I went out early and pounded out a 10 mile tempo run.

For Saturday I had originally thought of heading out with Stacey for a real workout but then realized there would be no way to get in the 4-5 hrs of running and still make Dave S Flowerdale Farm Blueberry Harvest Party. And there was no way I was missing all that great food!
So I headed out on the Wildwood Trail for 13.1 miles out and then back. Why 13.1? Seemed like a good goal to run a marathon that morning :-)
I ate, drank, power walked etc. like I plan for Waldo. This trail has way less vertical (I figure about 2800 ft of climbing) but I was happy with the results in terms of time (4:10) and generally feeling of the body.

After eating my fill on Saturday, I had the privilege to run with Trisha on the Eagle Creek Trail Sunday afternoon. After hitting the early service at church, we were on the trail by about 12:30 pm. The parking lot was busy but not full and we really did not have too much trouble passing all the hikers.
You climb pretty quick up to Punch Bowl falls at about 2 miles. After this there is something interesting every mile or so: either a waterfall or a bridge over the creek.

There are some pretty hairy ledges you traverse. One section is called the Vertigo Mile. Find Trisha in the picture to the left.

We did see a lady collapse and sit down on the trail as her brain could just not cope with the drop-off going around the Pothole section. Trisha appreciated the wire rope to hold onto :-) We are not sure if we will attempt this with the kids any time soon.

The Tunnel falls are the largest on the trail and the experience is heightened as you pass through the tunnel carved behind the falls by the trail designers in about 1910.

We turned around just past the Crossover falls...great place to stop and eat!

In the scree / old lava sections watch out for the little lizards...did not know we had any around here? I believe it was a Northern Alligator lizard. Which, apparently even live in!

Finished with a dip in the creek to wash off the sweat and salt accumulated over the 14 miles...poor salmon.

This trail is truly amazing with the quality of the scenery, the close location to Portland and how much fun it is to run. Mostly uphill on the way out and nice downhill running on the way back.

Pictures do not do it justice.
Get out there and try it.

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