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Friday, August 24, 2007

Oaks Park

Friday afternoon was a IBM sponsored family afternoon at Oaks Park.

Trisha hit the the bumper cars as Cole and Leah did not meet the height requirement (yet!).
Cole, Trisha and Leah all rode the Scrambler. After the first bit of laughing, Cole survived with no loss of "cookies" on the ride.

Trisha and Leah rode the carousel as Cole has deemed it no longer cool. Leah did the RoundUp all by herself.

I just plain do not do gravity altering rides any more...such an old man! I was able to handle the tame and quirky Lewis and Clark ride as well as show Cole some tricks for the video game 1942. Leah is an apparent natural at driving video out!

Cole's gun freak surfaced with a fixation on the midway shooting gallery. How did two peaceful Canadians spawn a child with such an obsession? :-)

We all snarfed down way too many hot dogs and hamburgers at the sponsored BBQ hanging with co-worker and running buddy Rick and his wife Shari.
Fun was had by all.

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