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Friday, October 3, 2008

2008 Jog-a-Thon

It was the annual Jog-a-thon for the kid's school today. The kids collect pledges for the number of laps they are going to run and then the school collects the pledges to bolster their budget. The kids have fun, the school gets money: everyone wins!

Both Trisha and I were able to be there to volunteer for the 30 minute segments that Cole and Leah ran with their classes.

Cole was up first at 10:50 am.
He ran the entire 30 minutes with no walk breaks. My running heart was bursting out of my chest with pride as he dug deep and completed 27 laps of the loop on the sports field of the school. This was 3 more laps than last year so a great PR. It was cool for me that he still wants me to run all the way with him...and that at least for another year I can keep up with him :-)

Leah's run started at 1:20 pm. She did great completing 25 laps...1 more than last year...PR!. Leah was laughing and dancing in the rain for part of it, and then doing hurdles over the course cones down the back part of the track. It was great to do all of the laps with her and end walking hand and hand to the finish line.

Both kids did great with their pacing as it is sooo hard not to go out too fast for the first lap. They really have learned that it is easier to run a steady pace for the whole time.

Great event completed for another year. Now if only we could talk the school into doing this every month!

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