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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Looking to ensure you are IP clean?

Working on the Eclipse Architecture council and just plain being a long time Eclipse committer I know a good sampling of the questions that arise about the ins and outs of open source licenses and the best practices for making sure you, as a committer maintain the high standard of intellectual property cleanliness that is the standard for Eclipse.

So, I plan to sit in on the upcoming webinar from the Eclipse Foundation's Janet Campbell. Janet has always presented in a manner that is easy for non-lawyer developers to understand.
She has also always been willing to field the tough questions.

Here are the details on the webinar:
The Eclipse Foundation is hosting a webinar to discuss the different styles of open source licenses and their implications on use within an enterprise or a vendor. The webinar will also discuss the best practices used by the Eclipse Foundation to ensure the Eclipse open source projects address many of the IP issues. Attendees of this session will gain a better appreciation for how to deal with the risk and benefits of open source IP.

Ensuring Clean Intellectual Property
October 22, 2008 at 9:00 am PDT / 12:00 pm EDT / 4:00 pm GMT
Presented by Janet Campbell
To register email webinar-ip at eclipse dot org

For more information on this and other Eclipse webinars, visit Special thanks to Adobe for contributing their Adobe Acrobat Connect product to host the webinar.
Be there and be clean.

Picture from Eclipse IP Process in Cartoon...but you knew that :-)

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