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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doing the CIM

The bad news...with a change in plans I am not going to run the Autumn Leaves 50km.

The good news...I just finished signing up for the California International Marathon (CIM) in Sacramento on December 7th.

This will be another attempt for me to break 3 hours for the marathon. Rolling hills with a net downhill sounds good to me. The race seems to have very well established management and pacing teams. I will hitch my wagon to the 3 hr group. As well, looking at the results there are lots of fast times.

I have come close twice: 3:02:33 at Boston in 2006 and then 3:03:05 at Eugene in 2007 (race report here).

This will be my first try this year. I knew going into Boston 2008 that I just had not done the required training. Race day bore that out (report here).

My other goal for this race is to finish before the boys from Eastern Oregon are showered, shaved and on a 2nd round of lunch. In other words, they are blazin' FAST and I would like to be within 20-30 minutes of their finishing times :-)

Please chime in with any and all suggestions for switching from training for a 50km to training for a marathon and how to best focus my 4 weeks of dedicated marathon training.


William Swint said...

My suggestion would be to pin it to win it.Good luck with the sub 3.You can do it!

Mike Rosling said...

Speed work, I think...I've had success with a couple tempo runs per week during the taper. Good luck!

saschasdad said...

Really, I wouldn't change much between training for Autumn Leaves 50k and CIM. They're both pretty flat and fast. Every week I run: a long run, hill repeats, and tempo. Sometimes I hit the track (but haven't since early August). You already do my favorite kind of speed work: short races.

It's gonna be a fun trip. I'm looking forward to it.

decode-ideas dot com said...


Just ran the CIM today and I was looking for the results. Found your blog :-) Let us know how you did.

My goals were a lot more modest, I wanted to do under 4hrs. I think I did 3:58.

Speedy recovery!

Darin Swanson said... first short report is at More to write tomorrow ...time for bed now after a long drive :-)