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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Micah Project

We live where people can have a passion to train for running 30, 50, or 100 miles on the trails in the wilds of the country.

I am one of these fortunate people who has taken advantage of the great opportunities available to us in Canada and the United States.

There are other places in the world where the opportunities to excel in life are much more limited.
In the recent months I have become aware of a project done in Honduras that is working to enable boys, teenagers and young men to rise above their previous choices and environment to become active, productive members and leaders of their community: the Micah Project.

This is achieved by teaching the boys that they have self worth as creatures of God and they are on this earth for a reason. Continuing from this foundation, the boys and teens need education and skills to break out of poverty and drug addition to provide for themselves and their family. These kids have come from under the bridge and living on the streets and are now graduating from college and becoming leaders.
Through this program we can help to ensure that the next generation has even greater opportunity. There is a plan to start vocational training within the Micah project that will give the teens and young men the training to become business people in their local area. Create an automotive school to equip the project participants with more skills for the future.

All this sounds great. But the bottom line is that these programs need people and money.
Our friends Natasha and Brian Wiggs have felt called to be the "people". I would like to do my small part to help provide the program with some money.
Please consider reading up on the Micah project. Then think and pray about donating money to this cause. Donations are accepted online and via normal (snail) mail. Click here for more details.

To try to encourage donations, I would like to add challenges tied to my running of a 50 mile race on July 28 th, 2008: the PCT 50.

Get creative and challenge yourself through pledges tied to the race.
You can wager for or against me, or do both...the Micah project just cannot lose :-)
Some examples:
- For every minute I am under a certain time, say 9 hours, you donate 10 dollars.
- For every minute that I am over a certain time, say 8.5 hours, you donate 10 dollars.
- If I place in the top 10 you add an extra 50 dollars.
- If I place in the last 10 you add an extra 50 dollars :-)

If you do want to pledge or donate and you would like to let me know about it please add a comment to this post. Or send me an email. Or tell no one and just feel good about it.

My first pledge is from our family with plans to donate $10 for every mile I run.
It would be great if we could raise a total of $2000.

I get to run and help of both worlds!


vswanson said...

Darin, count me in for $5/mile run....let me know how to make payment...


Rooster said...

I like it! For every minute you go under 8:05 I will donate $5 per minute. I will donate even if you don't but this is a way to make the big bucks! Run can do this course faster than you think!

The Micah Project said...

As the founder of the Micah Project, I just wanted to say "muchas gracias" for running the extra mile (literally!) for our young men! God has been doing great things in their lives, and I know that He will use them to change Honduras forever. Thanks so much for doing this for them!

Matthew & Marnie Conti said...


We would love to support you and the Micah Project. We'll give you $.50 per mile, an extra $10 for top ten or an extra $20 for top five.

Good luck!

Marnie and Matt