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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Short Track Mountain Bike Racing

Our ever adventurous friends Ronda and Kris invited our family to hit a race that is part of the Portland Mountain Bike Short Track series. As promised it was fun and a great workout! The details about the series are here.

We showed up close to late due to traffic. Cole and Leah took part in the kids race. This race is really catered to children slightly younger than Cole and Leah as the track is really just a loop on some grass. Apparently this changes and may be more challenging depending on the week.
Next week we plan to arrive about 1 hour earlier (around 4:45) to get out and try the real course for both the kids and Trisha and I. Knowing the layout of the course before the race is a huge advantage: when to pass, when to start pushing for the next hill, what bumps you can really hit hard etc.

Both Trisha and I "raced" in the Beginners class. 10 bucks to enter. We got to the line after the real start so we headed out with the Juniors. Made for more people to pass and to pass us!
For the next 20 plus minutes we pedaled, grunted, sweated and tried not to crash cruising around the track. My legs felt great but my lower back and arms started to feel the strain. I really did not know the rules out on the course. I was tentative to pass, did not know if / how much I could run and when the pain would end :-) Next time I will be better least mentally. I don't even really know how many laps I did...I think 3. The results should be up later in the week.
This video from the series site gives a good idea of what it is like, fun and scary:

We are planning to go back again next week so come out and join us.

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