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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moving to Ant 1.7.1 for Eclipse 3.4

I am seeing hits to this blog for Eclipse and Apache Ant 1.7.1 and I realized that I did not detail in my note on moving Eclipse 3.5 to Ant 1.7.1 on how to use the new Ant version with Eclipse 3.4 (part of Ganymede).

I work/test with different Ant versions by:
Changing the Ant runtime classpath:
When Ant runs a buildfile, it looks for the necessary classes on the Ant classpath. The Ant classpath consists of the plug-ins contributing new tasks, types or libraries, plus the classpath defined in the Ant runtime classpath preferences. To access the preferences, click Window > Preferences > Ant > Runtime. The JARs related to an Ant version are grouped under the Ant Home Entries item. To change the Ant Home entries, click on the Ant Home... button and choose the Ant installation you wish to use.

After you change the Ant classpath, all future Ant builds will use the updated version instead of the default. To restore the Ant classpath to its original state, Restore Defaults button on the preference page.

This is from a great Eclipse help document which can be found here.

For the work of moving 3.5 to Ant 1.7.1 we did get very quick (thanks!) approval under parallel IP for a mature project in CQ 2476.
Therefore once the new Ant plug-in version goes into Eclipse Orbit, the Eclipse Platform will be providing the new Ant version as well.

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