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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Twitter Search

I have started to really like Twitter. But not in the "classic" sense but rather using Twitter Search. Twitter Search is something I have only recently really started to use but it allows me to attempt to keep up with real time events.

Twitter Search (the old that got acquired and rolled into Twitter as Twitter Search) allows you to easily follow all the tweets that are occurring around a given topic. Without having to know which individuals to follow. Interesting content without much work. This is why I like it :-)

Today I am following the OSCON tweets...and can barely keep up with about 20 updates a minute. But it is worthwhile as it has pointed me to interesting content.
Twitter Search lets you know when there are new results (on the page and in the browser tab).
It also has the feature to expand entries so you can actually see the URL before going to it. I hope they add this feature to the classic Twitter tweet entry. I like to at least have an idea of where I am going before I get there :-)

I hope this helps someone else work smarter...

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