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Sunday, December 7, 2008

3:13 for my 13th Marathon

Almost two hours ago I finished my 13th marathon, the California International, in an unofficial time of 3:13:56.

The bad things:
  • CIM was a PR course
  • My stomach had its issues to prevent me from running the last 9 miles fast enough
  • I fertilized some bushes on the course so they will grow really well next spring...ewww :-(
  • I get to try again for sub-3 hours
The good things:
  • CIM is a PR course
  • Till about mile 17 I was on pace for 3 hours
  • My fueling worked well even with an off stomach
  • My legs feel really good after running the race and I am ready for next race.
  • Some bushes on the course will grow really well next spring.
  • I achieved a Boston qualifying time for my age.
  • I have the largest finishing medal to add to my must weigh a full pound!
  • I get to try again for sub-3 hours
I will write up a full report with all the gory details on the drive home tonight (back to Bend).

Already thinking of the work to do for lucky 14: the Surf City marathon in February.
Beaten again on this one but the war is not over yet!


William Swint said...

Darin, sorry to hear you didn't get your goal.Stomach troubles are the worst. I like your attitude of already thinking of the next one.

Mike Rosling said...

Hey, Darin...also sorry to hear the race didn't go as you hoped. From a guy who took many shots at sub-3's very sweet when you get there.

Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

You know Darin, I'm just trying to get under 3:30... you make it sound like you did bad ;P