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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Camp Day 3

Today was set for a 15 miler and the first full group run. The group formed at the Spaghetti Factory around 7:30 to head out for what we hoped was the most snow/ice free miles in the area.

And what a group!! 13 Christmas Campers and 1 Slipper Camper (Scott joining in for the fun today).

We started out going with the wind which was a real blessing to warm up and get used to what was generally slightly slippery but runnable footing.

We moved along pretty much the complete waterfront of Portland using the East Esplanade, Springwater corridor and Willamette Greenway.
The route was nice today even in the strong wind with rain and is definitely something all runners in the area should try. The bridges, the parks (Tom McCall, Vera Katz esplanade, Oaks Bottom and Willamette) and the constant views of the city and river on paved trail make for a great outing whether running or biking.

I mapped the waterfront loop here (about 10.6 miles).

The Willamette park "river" was the low point for most today I believe. The flooding from the rapid snow melt made for cold wet feet that just is not that much fun on a December day.

After the waterfront loop we added an out and back to make the 15 miles. It was really great to have my friends car with the seat warmers :-)

We are planning to use the same route tomorrow for our 21 miles. I think the footing tomorrow will be much improved and we can hope that the wind and rain is slightly less. Trisha and I both plan to fuel better tomorrow as I think we both ran a little low on sugar.

Today definitely stretched me and tomorrow will be more of the same. I am pushing my body to its limit...but then that is the whole point of Christmas Camp :-)

As Cheri would say...ensure you get out and get moving now that the snow is all disappearing.


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